Too Acidic or Too Alkaline?

Is your body too acidic or too alkaline?

Yesterday my customer David called me up on the phone (I have switched his name to safeguard his privacy, of course). He ended up developing kidney stones — seemingly without warning. He was very worried about that — passing a kidney stone may be quite painful, even more so than childbirth, I am informed — and required my assistance.

Here’s what I found, after speaking with him and thinking about his situation.

#1) David was drinking special “alkaline” water for the previous several months because he had become convinced that all disorders grow due to exceedingly acidic pH. Unfortunately this happens to be the party line nowadays, so I understood where he was coming from. And though it is undoubtedly the case with many persons out there, the bulk of my followers and also health conscious people like David just do not consume grains, meat, and sugar – – which happen to be some of the main reasons that people get too acidic.

They ingest lots of fruits, vegetables, balanced proteins, and quality oils. They do not even drink coffee — aside from that one cup a day that some happen to indulge in. Even decaffeinated coffee is forbidden since the coffee beans that are used in making decaffeinated coffee are normally more acidic than normal, to compensate for your shortage of “caffeine.”

#2) In his effort to alkalinize his system by drinking 8.5 — 9.5 alkaline water, he overdid “too much of the good thing” because his diet was already alkaline — David is really a vegetarian, you see. His overalkalinity ended up actually getting in the way of his capability to metabolize calcium (which requires an acid medium to be metabolized).

#3) Along with kidney stones, I requested David whether he was seeing more difficulties than normal with allegies, arthritis and even osteoporosis. I was curious, because these are symptomatic of an imbalanced pH. Sure enough, he reported that for the very first time in his life — David is over 60 — he was growing all the aforementioned problems. “Are you a mindreader,” he asked? Not really, I told him, but I do understand that kidney stones are getting to be a lot more common these days, together with things like osteoporosis and allergies, due to a lot of confusion about pH.

#4) I’m finding, as a counter to what others have said, that lots of my patients are too alkaline, particularly as they get old.

Its times like this when I find that my cranwater helps out in such a convenient way, not to mention many other supplements I’ve spoken about in the past. Don’t let yourself get caught up in thinking that you’re too acidic without any signs to indicate this. You might cause yourself more harm than good.