Was Summer Harsh on Your Skin?

Summer SkinEven though you’ve been using tons of sunblock all summer long, the sunshine is tough on your skin. One of the biggest issues is the ingredients found in sunscreen.

A report from Friends of the Earth discusses the security of manufactured nanoparticles which is a new method of delivery for aesthetic ingredients in items that claim to protect you from the sun. This is a result of sunlight protecting elements performing differently as miniature nano-particles than they do in their typically “bulk” based form.

This past summer you might not have been having the protection you thought you did from UVA (cancer causing) rays and Ultraviolet B (skin burning) rays, but this is not all! Whether found in sunscreens or your favorite make-up, nanoparticles can readily enter the skin.

Antioxidants, though, provide genuine protection in sunscreens. One new piece of research finds that botanic antioxidants, green tea extract, and vitamins E and C in wide – spectrum sunblock decrease UV-induced sun-damage more efficiently than other sunscreens. Other studies find that taking vitamin E, grape-seed extract, and other nutrients can increase the skin’s natural SPF by ten percent!

Understanding that the skin is a key cleansing organ, I consistently prevent using nanoparticles in almost any cosmetic and skincare products. And I’m well-aware that beauty is skin deep.

Eat fatty acids like linseed oil if you feel the need to ditch those fine lines the summer sunshine has given you. They lubricate the oily layer just beneath the skin, providing a fresh complexion to you that everybody will respect. Along with consuming GLA (another crucial fat) as a nutritional supplement, you can break open a capsule and smooth it on your sunlight-parched skin.

Also, getting enough of vitamin A from brilliantly colored fruits and veggies ensures that skin remains tight, silky soft, and youthful looking–at any age.

Make sure you get the skin nutrients you need. A guardian angel for many, vitamin B6 helps treat dry skin along with acne. Vitamin b5 stops wrinkles and early aging due to summer sunlight in their paths.

Regardless of your age or stage of life, it is important to practice the fundamentals of great skin care each and every day. It is best to cleanse using a natural product acceptable for your skin-type. Then moisturize to preserve the skin from being damaged by smog, cosmetics, bacteria, and other harmful agents. Everyday moisturizing fattens up skin cells, helping make your skin feel glossy and smooth.

A couple of times per week you need to exfoliate gently, assuming you don’t have sensitive skin or broken capillaries. This can eliminate summer’s dead, dry skin while stimulating blood circulation to provide you with a beaming, healthy looking glow.