7 Known Dong Quai Benefits

dong quai

Dong quai is an essential herb often used in Asian medication as a tea, powder, and tincture. It’s frequently considered a girl’s herb due to its recognition in treating gynecological difficulties, but dong quai also happens to be successful in helping with problems of a respiratory and digestive nature. The ingredients in dong quai are comprised of volatile oils and coumarin compounds. As it might accentuate the results of the drug, don’t take dong quai if you’re using any blood thinning medications.

7 Health Benefits of Dong Quai

1) Coughs
Dong quai helps with the upper respiratory system by aiding our bodies in eliminating excessive mucus and managing cough spasms. The unstable oil produced from the root of the herb has alpha-pinene and carvacrol, both of which are powerful expectorants and antispasmodics.

2) Anti-Inflammatory
Dong quai has powerful anti-inflammatory action, and it is a good herb for managing inflammation that might accompany upper respiratory ailments. Sepsis (inflammation of the entire body) could be considered a deadly illness if not treated quickly. Research documented in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine‘s 2008 issue showed that this herb was capable in helping to inhibit the molecules that signal a boost in irritation that results in sepsis after one has experienced upper respiratory infection.

3) Can Help One to Feel Happier!
Dong quai is successful at decreasing tension, and thus might be helpful to assist you in battling tension and decreasing how severe your mood swings are. It has a relaxing influence on the body’s nervous system, and it encourages relaxation.

4) Improves Female Fertility
Just an era ago infertility was uncommon, but these days we see it quite often. In many cases, all that one needs is to switch their diet to an antifungal diet and to start taking this herb, and yet people still frequently seek the aid of costly fertility experts and undergo painful methods.

5) Keeps You Lovely and Youthful
Chinese girls are often recognized for their youthful appearance, and dong quai might be a significant part of it. Our youthful appearance can be preserved by dong quai by supporting the body’s health from the inside out. It has been noted that dong quai raises blood circulation, enhances complexion, and helps in the body’s detoxification to get rid of blemishes.

6) Prevents Allergies
Studies have demonstrated that dong quai can also be successful in managing various allergies. Our blood cells discharge materials such as serotonin and histamines that react to things that happen to irritate our bodies, and this triggers allergies from things like dust, pollen grains, pelts, and many other substances. Therefore, anti-serotonin and antihistamine properties from the herb help us to avoid such allergies.

7) Battles Skin Problems
Because dong quai is recognized in being able to enhance blood flow within the body, it enhances complexion, decreases aging, and aids in cleansing the skin. As a recovery agent for common skin problems including eczema, neurodermatitis, pruritus, hives, and vitiligo it works quite well.

dong quai benefits

Dong Quai Side Effects

Dong quai may act similar to estrogen. If you have hormone – sensitive conditions including breast cancer, uterine cancer, or ovarian cancer you should likely avoid taking dong quai. Researchers have discovered that extracts of dong quai augmented the estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer cell proliferation.

Unpleasant side effects may be experienced by men who take dong quai. Dong Quai is a nutritional supplement for women. In Singapore, a guy was identified with gynecomastia after ingestion of “dong quai” tablets (quality of the herbs, or if they were even herbs, is unknown). The impact may be connected to the greater degrees of phytoestrogen that can be found in tablet form when it is processed by certain companies.

Dong quai might interact with hormone drugs and anticoagulants. Instances of anticoagulant (blood thinners) comprise feverfew, garlic, ginger, ginkgo, ginseng, licorice, and turmeric. Hormone drugs include estrogens, progesterones, oral contraceptives, raloxifene and more.