Health Benefits of Yerba Santa

health benefits of yerba santa

Yerba santa has a lengthy history of being used medicinally, and was initially used by Native Americans. Spanish settlers named the plant yerba santa due to its medicinal qualities. The leaves of the plant can be used dried or fresh off the stem, ether way, and is also an ingredient in certain over-the-counter natural products. However, its usefulness is not proven for any health issues. Therefore, yerba santa shouldn’t be used without supervision from your physician.

Dosing and Identification

Yerba santa is also called bear’s weed, consumptive’s weed, tarweed, mountain balm, and holy herb. By the time of this writing there still remains no scientific proof that provides any sort of dosage recommendations. The typical dose of yerba santa leaf, though, is one gram as an expectorant when utilized.


Yerba santa can be used to treat respiratory issues including asthma, bronchitis, influenza, and tuberculosis. It’s also used to lower temperature and to loosen phlegm. This herb can also be applied to your skin to treat bruises, sprains, rheumatic joint pain, wounds, and insect bites.


There isn’t enough info out there to ascertain how effective yerba santa can be for any medicinal use. Based on, you will find no published research assessing the effectiveness of yerba santa in adults, children, or even animals. Nevertheless, anecdotal information indicates that yerba santa might have favorable expectorant effects. It can be used to treat the irritation of skin, and yerba santa is also being assessed for possible gains in managing dry mouth. It is also sometimes utilized as a substitute for tobacco.

Additional Yerba Santa Benefits

1) Acute Illnesses

At the beginning of any sort of a cold, particularly if you have a cough or bronchial irritation, this herb can relieve and potentially expel the symptoms.

2) Digestive Support

Salivation and digestion is helped by yerba santa. The excessive saliva production assists the digestive process and may relieve some digestive difficulties.


Since the herb acts as a stimulant it decreases fatigue and curbs the desire to eat.


The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database reviews that yerba santa is usually safe when it is orally taken, but the security of making use of yerba santa from a topical stand point is not quite known as of yet. There are no reports of significant side effects from making use of yerba santa when applied to the skin or taken orally. Yerba santa is one herb to avoid throughout pregnancy.