15 Home Remedies For Bronchitis

home remedies for bronchitis

Both bronchitis and bronchial asthma conditions classify as chronic obstructive airway disease, the Mayo Clinic reports. Discovering a healthy means to deal with the disorder will help reduce lung injury in the long term. That is why below we have listed fifteen home remedies for bronchitis for you to learn about.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C, a strong antioxidant, has always been used to prevent sickness. Therefore, several studies prove that it has some capacity to take care of bronchitis efficiently.

The Mayo Clinic says that using a humidifier can relieve bronchitis symptoms at home, mentioning that “warm, damp air helps relieve coughs and loosens mucus in your airways.” Try combining the relief of steam together with the therapeutic effect of essential oils. In “1000 Treatments for 200 Ailments,” naturopathy pro Dr. Geovanni Espinosa proposes you add eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, and thyme essential oils to a tub or even a steam inhalation device to drain blockage.

Extra Sleep
Sleep just as much as you-can, and get loads of rest. The body needs time to cure itself. Sleep gives the body the chance to recover from sickness. Not having sufficient rest can leave you feeling worse, although it’s natural to feel fairly fatigued sometimes once you have bronchitis. Even once you have difficulty falling asleep, still lay down and attempt to relax. Remain in bed until your temperature breaks and remains standard for 24-hours without treatment. Once you begin feeling better gradually build yourself up to your regular activity level.

Regular Exercise
Exercising every day will help your breathing to remain relaxed and refresh the body in addition to strengthening it. Getting the body moving also increases circulation, which creates increased good health and adds oxygen to each of the areas, the American Lung Association says.

Keeping away from large quantities of salt and consuming foods which classify as healthy such as salads and low fat foods will also assist the respiration significantly. The body is like an engine seeking great sources of power, in this instance healthful foods, to feed its needs to function at optimum speed and burn efficiently.

Avoid Environmental Irritants
Keep bronchitis from getting worse by preventing things that may exacerbate your affliction. Do not smoke. What is more, stop smoking to prevent future infections. Avoid being in places or close to people where you’ll be exposed to secondhand cigarette smoke. Physicians at the Mayo Clinic point out that exposure to secondhand smoke increases your risk of chronic bronchitis, particularly when you’ve got other risk factors. Use an air purifier so you can breathe cleaner air, when irritants that can worsen your symptoms exist in the air like household cleansers or tobacco smoke. If you want to take it to an extreme, once you are around other people who have a cold, influenza, or another viral infection you can put on a breathing apparatus that covers your nose and mouth to cut down your risk of infection.

herbal remedies for bronchitis

9 Herbal Remedies for Bronchitis

Andrographis will help lower your risk of developing bronchitis and reduce your symptoms, says the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Echinacea can be taken by you to help prevent colds that result in bronchitis. Echinacea helps to fight infections by arousing your immune system, states the University of Michigan Health System. For bronchitis, the University of Maryland suggests that you take 300milligrams of echinacea three times daily.

Since colds can lead to bronchitis, take garlic to prevent colds and reduce the length of colds.

You can take ginseng to stop bronchitis. Taking 400milligrams daily of ginseng supplements will help prevent colds that result in bronchitis, says the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Ivy Leaf
Ivy leaf can treat your bronchitis. Nondemulcent and ivy leaf acts as an anti-inflammatory. Double blind clinical trials and the University of Michigan notes that ivy leaf can perform well with helping one to take care of bronchitis efficiently.

Lobelia has been utilized historically as an herbal therapy for several different respiratory ailments, including bronchitis, notes the University of Maryland Medical Center. Also called Indian tobacco, as an expectorant lobelia functions, helping to clear mucus from your lungs.

Like lobelia, mullein is likewise an expectorant that’s been traditionally used-to treat respiratory illnesses, the University of Maryland Medical Center states. It has value in treating respiratory ailments with lung congestion, even though the herb has not yet been analyzed for treating bronchitis. The University of Maryland suggests that you take 3grams daily of mullein to help remedy bronchitis.

Peppermint Oil
Peppermint oil will help alleviate your bronchitis symptoms and is generally used-to treat cold symptoms and avoid the development of bronchitis.

South African Geranium
In case you’ve got acute bronchitis, taking South African geranium might help. Another study found that using as much as 30 drops 2-3x daily of geranium extract for 7 days considerably shortened the length of acute bronchitis sickness with no severe side effects that are occasionally associated with antibiotics, says the University of Michigan Health System. Geranium is employed as an herbal treatment for respiratory illnesses like bronchitis in Russia, Germany, Mexico and other nations, the University of Michigan notes.


Chronic bronchitis is a significant health condition that needs medical intervention. Schedule a visit to your primary health care provider to exclude other problems like emphysema, lung cancer, and tuberculosis, in case your bronchitis doesn’t improve over time. Natural treatments for chronic bronchitis should be used under the oversight of a qualified healthcare professional. Herbal treatments may include ingredients that cause negative health side effects if taken improperly.