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Carpal Tunnel SyndromeIn the event that you spend a great deal of time punching check out keys, grasping strings on the guitar, twisting a screwdriver, clicking a mouse button, using a keyboard for daily computer work, or performing another persistent, strong motion with your fingers, you might be in danger for a debilitating condition called carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

In the early stages of this issue, signs often appear in the center of the night or soon after a long amount of repetitive movement, and shaking out the hand frequently provides some relief. As the problem worsens, the discomfort becomes more bothersome and occurs more often. Fortunately, there are plenty of home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome that have helped countless people around the world, and they can help you too.

Activities That Help

Releasing some of the energy trapped in the body will assist in alleviating the hand distress many experience. To help with CTS, acupuncturists use tiny needles and might concentrate on the gall-bladder, liver, and kidney meridians along with the hands.

In acupressure, pressure is utilized rather than needles, which can be applied to the points of your body that desire blood circulation stimulation. This can often be a very soothing, pleasant experience.

Contrasting cold and warm water applications can provide some relief to sufferers of CTS. Repeat the entire process a couple times every day. You can even use warm and hot compresses.

Yoga has proven itself successful in several body conditions and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome isn’t an exception.

Chiropractic Care
Studies show that wrist, elbow, and back manipulation by chiropractors can help alleviate the nerve issues present in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

A splint may hold your wrists in a neutral place, but be certain you get your own doctor to prescribe a splint for you. An ill-fitting splint can do more damage than good. Splints shouldn’t be worn more than prescribed.

Herbal Remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Willow Bark
Willow bark, the first source of aspirin, includes substances (salicylates) that decrease inflammation and alleviate pain. You could also try other herbs rich in salicylates such as wintergreen and notably meadowsweet. Don’t forget, in the event that you’ve been told that you should not take aspirin, you most likely should not take aspirin-like herbs, either.

Chamomile tea is a fantastic method to calm jangled nerves. But its energetic compounds (bisabolol, cyclic, and chamazulene ethers) have powerful anti-inflammatory activity, also. Chamomile is a fantastic source of apigenin, too.

Cayenne Pepper
Also called capsicum, red-pepper includes six pain relieving compounds which are anti-inflammatory. Especially notable within this is capsaicin. Business salves containing capsaicin are popular to treat pain.

If taking capsicum make sure to clean your hands completely in milk (water will not work quite as well) after using any external capsaicin therapy, to ensure that it doesn’t get into your eyes. This powder may potentially cause some irritations when taken, so check it out on a tiny area of skin before using it on a bigger area. Discontinue use should you respond negatively to it.

Some studies indicate that curcumin is about half as powerful as the pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory drug known as cortisone. Cortisone, though, is costly and can have horrible unwanted side effects. Turmeric is considerably easier on one’s finances, not to mention the body, and it is a whole lot more flavorful. Use turmeric liberally on food, then try getting even more in capsules obtainable in health-food shops.

Because it features some compounds that might result in liver damage once the herb is consumed in excessive quantities, comfrey has gotten a pretty bad rap in recent years. However, there is no proof that comfrey is dangerous when applied to your skin, and that’s what I’d propose for CTS. You can add a couple of teaspoons of dehydrated, powdered comfrey to any skin lotion and apply it to your hands and forearms.

Additional Supplements

Vitamin B6
This vitamin has several significant functions through the human body, including producing proteins, says the NIH. It’s necessary for the body to create the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin, that are essential for neurons to be able to properly talk to each other. However, its effectiveness isn’t supported by very much scientific information. One potential result of vitamin B6 is that it may increase pain threshold amounts. This can really make the pain related to carpal tunnel syndrome appear to be less acute. Excessive consumption of vitamin B-6 from supplements might have detrimental consequences. The main damaging impact is on one’s nerves, leading to peripheral neuropathy. The National Institutes Of Health states that such peripheral neuropathy might be reversed when the vitamin B6 levels are decreased.

Vitamin B2
Some studies indicate that low blood levels of B2, or riboflavin, are related to carpal tunnel syndrome and other inflammatory diseases. As such, boosting your levels of this vitamin can be a huge benefit to your CTS.

Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Finger Exercises
The Arthritis Foundation suggests that you simply exercise the hand after every 15-minutes of computer use to enhance its blood circulation. You can even make a fist, then distribute your fingers apart as far as possible.

Wrist Circles
Wrist circles are included by the University of Maryland Medical Center among its recommended exercises to lessen the possibility of carpal tunnel syndrome. Rotate your wrists like you’re drawing a circle in the air together with both finger-tips. Make five counterclockwise and clockwise circles and then repeat with the other hand.

Forearm Workout
Stretch these muscles by bringing the palms together in front of the chest, fingers pointing upwards in a prayer position. Draw your elbows as much as forearm level, while keeping your palms together.

Shoulder Workout
Your shoulders can take a whole lot of pressure, which affects your wrists, arms and fingers. Unwind this portion of your body by standing in a relaxed posture with arms at your side. Shrug your shoulders upward, then squeeze them stretch them down, back and eventually press them forward. The spinning needs to be performed gradually, lasting about 7 seconds.

Neck Workout
Performing a gentle stretch of the neck occasionally supports relaxation through the body. In an erect sitting posture, put your right hand in your left shoulder. Keeping your shoulder down, slowly tip your head-down and change it somewhat to the right. Repeat to the opposite side.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms

Carpal tunnel syndrome can create some or many of the below symptoms:
Your thumb might feel numb and you might also detect a tingling sensation. This may be present in the thumb and also in the adjacent digits too, and might be experienced in only one or both hands. Your palms might also feel tingling and numb.
You’ll experience discomfort in the wrist that might be fairly acute and it might go right up-to the elbow. Finger motions that demand a larger number of coordination and dexterity might be fairly ambitious. You may experience a problem lifting and using certain everyday items. When this issue is ignored or is in the advanced stages there might even be muscle loss below the thumb causing a weakening of one’s clasp.

In many patients, these symptoms are usually a much more acute during the night and also the pain might even cause you to awaken from your slumber. This inclination is credited to the posture that the majority of people sustain with flexed wrists. It might likewise result from fluid accumulation across the fingers and wrists when laying flat. The length of the condition also will change, with some people experiencing it just as a short-term phenomenon that resolves normally, while in others it may continue and worsen increasingly over time.

In the first phases carpal tunnel syndrome, symptoms might be so light that they go undetected or might even be neglected because they don’t cause much of an issue. With the passing of time the problem worsens, nevertheless, and you might even start to have a burning feeling. The cramping also worsens and your ability to hold and grasp items will be severely affected by the gradual loss of strength. Muscle atrophy can be fairly common, especially in the event of persistent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome shouldn’t be ignored, regardless of how insignificant it may appear. Disregarding the state can result in nerve and muscle damage.

Potential Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Any state that subjects the median nerve within the wrist to excessive stress may cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Wrist injuries also can result in carpal tunnel syndrome. Anyone who spends lengthy periods engaged in any action that needs persistent motions like typing might develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

Disorders like sarcoidosis, amyloidosis, and multiple myeloma may cause a build-up of strange substances in the vicinity of the carpal tunnel, which subsequently leads to nerve irritation, however, these illnesses are exceptionally uncommon.


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  1. I’ve had CTS for many years and try many things which didn’t work but recently got a short contract job in Beijing. The local restaurants all serve spicy food and I believe they are Cayenne peppers. I’m not a big spicy eater but after eating for a month I realize my hand pains are gone! I’ve always complaint to myself the aches and pains but it all stopped without knowing. I stop eating spicy food for 2 weeks and the pain starts to come back. So I believe this confirms my finding. Cayenne pepper seem to work for me very well after many years of searching!

  2. Tamo, That’s awesome! We love hearing natural health success stories – especially when they come from real life experiences like your time in Beijing. Every time you share your story, you could be helping another person manage their CTS naturally. Be sure to keep us updated as well!

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