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Beware of Belladonna Side Effects

Not everything in nature is good for us. Belladonna is a plant with one of the highest toxic levels discovered in the western hemisphere. Ingestion of just five to ten berries by an adult and … Read more

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9 Neem Benefits and Uses

There are quite a few neem benefits, and they include a salve for skin diseases, plus the versatility to function as an aid to one’s hygiene, and even an insecticide. It can be used as … Read more

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Comfrey Benefits and Side Effects

There are several health benefits of comfrey, including decreasing inflammation and improving skin health, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC). But regrettably, comfrey can be harmful to the liver and can also … Read more

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Beware of Ephedra Side Effects

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration prohibited Ephedra in 2004 over issues regarding acute safety dangers. The benefits of the herb are few and far between, and the outcomes of taking it can be dangerous … Read more

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Sixteen Horsetail Benefits

Horsetail is a slim plant with a stalk that has the appearance of the tail of a bird or even a horse. It’s reproduced by its spores instead of the seeds in the plant. Similar … Read more